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Who We Are :
Kathleen Thompson, M.F.A.
Kathleen Thompson holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Spalding University. A former teacher of English and creative writing, she is the author of Searching for Ambergris, a chapbook of poetry. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

She currently is a 2007-08 Road Scholar for the Alabama Humanities Foundation.

Email Address : kt@wordforwordforword.com
Stephen Thompson, J.D.
Stephen Thompson is the author of a A Gift Before Dying (NewSouth Books). Both his undergraduate and law degrees are from the University of Alabama. He is a former attorney and teacher.

Email Address : st@wordforwordforword.com

Editing philosophy:

We will make every effort to maintain your unique style and voice. We have no interest in making every writer sound alike. (Actually we couldn’t if we tried!) We may suggest resources for you, or even an exercise, if we think it would improve some aspect of your craft.

As a recipient of our comments, we recommend that you “trust the impulse, but question the suggestion.” The writer always knows best in the end, but if any objective reader stumbles or becomes confused about anything in the manuscript, the writer should trust that something needs to be revised. What that something is may not be evident to the editor, but it will become clear to the writer during the revision process.

A final caveat: in the end the suggestions we make are our opinions. A certain amount of subjectivity cannot be avoided in this process. Another editor might disagree with anything we’ve said. We respect your right to disagree, but we will not debate our opinions. We trust that any improvements we suggest will not be shortsighted.