editing and writing services
How It Works :

Each project proposal will be as personal as a thumbprint. Editing a business letter is a far cry from editing a novel; therefore, length of a manuscript (and hours of work required) will have a bearing on our pricing. So will the initial quality of work in the manuscript. Naturally, you are not expected to pay anything in advance for, letís say, a letter. But a novel of 100,000 words or more? A project of that magnitude requires a good-faith deposit.

After you contact us with your needs, we will mail you a project proposal stating what we will/can do. If you are satisfied with the proposal, you will sign it and mail us back the original.

Any manuscript may be sent by e-mail or by U.S. Post. When you mail us your work with an SASE, you will receive your original manuscript back marked with traditional editing symbols along with a typed critique identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Suggestions for revisions will be included. The same process will be used for online editing. Complete submission guidelines will be sent to you upon request.

Within a short time you will have in hand a manuscript with punctuation, grammar, and syntax that you are comfortable submitting to anyone. And given a little luck, the content you re-vision afterwards may well be striking enough to attract a publisher.